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I used to think that first you need to achieve something in your life, make a career, acquire your own housing, and then think about the child. Then I thought that a child should be born in a family, in love. And most importantly, for some reason I thought that giving birth to a child is never too late for me! Women give birth at the age of 40 and at the age of 50... And no one suggested, neither mom, nor girlfriends, nor doctors that I was wrong. But the watch was ticking and ticking ...

Suddenly, quite unexpectedly for myself, I learned that I might have problems with gynecology. I underwent a lengthy treatment, and now everything seems to be more or less normal: both hormones and the endometrium. I could start planning. The only thing left is to "find the right one", to find a suitable man... After all, the man whom we met went somewhere far away as soon as he heard that I want a child.

It’s easy to say, but how do I do it with my temper? Sure, I can still communicate with the computer openly, but with a man? I can’t imagine how I would say to a man: "I only need a child from you, I don’t need anything else." And what if he refuses...? And the clinic with an anonymous donor is also not for me. How can I have a child from unknown person?! Once on TV I saw one donor: a red-haired, impudent type. I would not want to have a child from that one!

And here is the site "Baby via dating" became a real find for me! I made the profile, I was very excited, I could not sleep for a long time. The decision was made, I do not have a choice in my situation. And yet, how will it all work out?

In the first week two commercial offers came: $ 300 for 10 days, $ 500 for two attempts ... Yeah, but I thought that "the hussars do not take money!" ... Before I had time to think them over properly, another letter arrived. Vitaliy, "Soft, calm, friendly... I will help with raising a child, if you do not want to, I will not apply for paternity." He was living in a neighboring region, and was ready to come to my city.

And here we are sitting together in a cafe. He was understanding, open, easily spoke on the most complex topics. I think I liked him right away, he looked something like my brother. He recently registred on the site, but he already had such experience, becouse his friend asked him for the child "purely for herself." Even his middle age did not seem to me a flaw, he was reliable, this certainly is not an adventurer...

For some reason, I really wanted to believe that everything will be great the first time. And when the result was negative, there was disappointment, some kind of devastation. But Vitaly then encouraged: "That's fine, the next time it will surely work out!"...

It turned out only for the seventh month, I don’t know whether the time has just come, or the medicine has helped a little. It doesn’t matter, it’s important that it finally happened! It turns out that in my 40s, the probability of conception in one cycle is only 15%, and half of women at this age can no longer get pregnant at all.

I look at my girlfriend, who is walking with a dog and talking with grandmothers on a bench with saddness. At one time, she also really wanted a child, but she did not dare to do anything for this.
So, girls, do not put off the most important decision in life longer than up to 40. And it’s not so difficult to choose a man, the site will help you!

May you be lucky too! Good luck!

  Oт Natali, 11.04.2018

Well, listen to my story.
The prince on a white horse did not get caught. Invitations to marry certainly flattered my vanity, but nothing more. Merry someone from the street is not an option, such marriages do not end in anything good. I earn money, I have an apartment.
The cyclical period in life has come: work-home, work-vacation, and again and again. Even theaters and concerts were not very happy, I wanted to live for someone.

At first I tried my luck in the standard understanding of donation in a large clinic with good statistics. I honestly listened to the lecture that donors should not be psychos, have children (whose health no one checks), have good sperm activity and survival rates, naturally a check for sexually transmitted diseases. So, if you become pregnant, it is not known from whom and what there will be inherited, it is not known and there will be no one to ask.
Next, you need to go through a series of examinations yourself to make sure you can get pregnant and not die from it. In my case, the doctor almost pray out loud to God "Don’t come to us, or you’ll die and ruin our statistics." The price at that time was 18 thousand per attempt.
So, I realized that there is no chance these people can help me.

I decided that in a millionaire city I would somehow find a healthy men without bad habits by myself.
Your site came to the rescue. That's where the story begins.

I think everyone can find here what he needs, everyone here is different from each other.
I chose one of the candidates. Friendly correspondence ensued.
We met in person, arranged for each other, agreed on everything.
The result is a nine-month-old daughter, to whom her dad, chosen by me personally, periodically comes.

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My story is like this.
I registered on the site when I was still married. My wife did not become pregnant and didn’t really want this (she already had adult children, I didn’t).
I wanted a child, but I was not going to divorce with my wife because of this.
I hoped that on the site I would be able to find a woman with whom I could agree that I would be a responsible dad from a distance.
I really wanted to realize myself as a father.
I wrote to many, but when the correspondence began, I, of course, indicated that I was married.
Women perceived this circumstance without enthusiasm and, as a rule, correspondence ended. I thought that it makes no sense to write a lie, everything will open someday anyway.
But since things did not go,I decided to expand the search, I included, as a possible option, women of non-traditional sexual orientation.
And then we immediately began to chat. Three options have appeared. Attempts to intrauterine artificial insemination began ...

Now I am the happy father of two girls and a boy. As you understand, the number of the above attempts turned into quality.
The piquancy of my situation was that the mothers of the children did not know that the process turned out to go in parallel at three points.
One fine day I brought them together. It was something! When the shock passed, everyone got to know each other, now they go to visit each other, and most importantly, we have not the only child, but sisters and a brother who became such almost at the same time.

So, believe it or not, but it's all true!
By the way, I also maintained good relations with my wife.

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Using the site, I was lucky (in a very short time) to meet a wonderful woman with whom we had a wonderful baby! I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the creators of the site, and the project as a whole!

Oт keifnrf, 02.07.2019

Thanks to your site for the birth of a son. He is already 11 months old. I'm happy)))

Oт love047, 25.07.2019

I have achieved this goal here on the site so far: I have found my beloved husband here. The story is unique. Maybe I'll write it sometime. We don't have a child yet, but everything is being done for this. :-)

Oт elaziya, 14.06.2019

Here on the site I met the father of the unborn child. Now I'm pregnant, will be giving birth in a month. I'm very happy. We communicate with the father of the child as agreed, he participates financially, also very much waiting for the baby. Conceived by artificial insemination at home. The only difficulty was to catch ovulation. I studied this process for more than six months.

Oт mitch2017, 12.05.2019

The site is convenient and have quite interesting profiles, thanks for the idea

Oт vesna, 01.05.2019

I successfully became pregnant from the man I liked, whom I met on your site. Thank you so much! Wonderful site and service!

Oт lady avery, 19.07.2018

So far, I have found a donor. We will see what happens next. If anything happens, I will reactivate the page

Oт Katerina, 14.03.2018

Thank you, thanks to you I found a very interesting, intelligent man. I hope that we will succeed in implementing our plan and give birth to children. Your site is very useful. Thank you!

Oт vershark, 26.10.2017

The meeting with a handsome man took place, we communicate and hope to go together towards our common goal. It's too early to talk about anything else)) Thank you!

Oт vfvjxr!1949, 27.03.2017

As it turned out, a little courage and everything will work out

Oт elena1908, 07.02.2017

Thank you very much for your site, one candidate turned out to be just a chatty person, others just come in, see my age and go, although I have a healthy baby already. I will succeed, and you will be successful too !!!

Oт Ellina, 06.02.2017

Directly from Bristol there was only one man ... and even then from the city of Bath ... most men are from London. It come out very expensive to travel.

Oт olko_75, 15.10.2016

Yes, I met a good person, but the relationship did not work out and I don’t want to play these games anymore.

Oт nesushka, 22.07.2016

Yes, thank you so much! Already 12 weeks pregnant!

Oт elya, 19.04.2016

I chose a man, and temporarily deactivating the profile. I could be wrong, but maybe I finally founda man.

Oт bereginja0925, 11.04.2016

Joy is immeasurable! Beloved husband, children and our happy family!

Oт gayna, 05.01.2016

Hello, I began to communicate with one woman, met once, then they had to re-enter, and she, unfortunately, fell ill. As for other women, of those whom he wrote, it did not work out with anyone. But I do not give up! In general, the site and that it exists is satisfied. Thanks!

Oт tashfan, 16.02.2016

The site is good, with good undertakings. With faith in a brighter future. I would like to wish you good luck in the future!

Oт lastik103, 14.11.2015

From the first letter I met a couple of girls, now we have a daughter and one waiting for another one! Thank you very much to the creators of the site!

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