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Searching and acquaintance on our site

Searching and acquaintance on our site

Discussing all aspects of future relationships

Discussing all aspects of future relationships

Examination and consultation in the clinic

Examination and consultation in the clinic

Planning and birth of a child

Planning and birth of a child

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to find a man - partner for conception
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Creating a family

Search for a serious relationship with cohabitation, where both parties are very willing to have a child.



Searching a responsible partner with obligations towards the future child, but without cohabitation.


Sperm donation

Search for a partner who will provide the service without further liability. Alternative to anonymous donor Bank.

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How important it is to have your child

At some point comes the realization that life itself is a gift of fate, almost a miracle, and more precisely, an event, that its probability of which before you appeared was negligible, almost zero. Millions of circumstances must be arranged over the centuries in such a sequence that, in the end, your mom and dad were at the right time and in the right place. But that's not all. Out of millions of probabilities only the two cells that would make you, as a unique person, would connect. And if you take out even one link from this huge chain of circumstances, it is difficult to imagine, but you would simply not exist. Every generation of your ancestors, without exception, had to make the same decision one way or another: "Child - to be!" Only this way, otherwise no chance.
Anyway, with such difficulty we became "winners of this long way" and now, likely, many are wondering if this "relay life race" will continue?

In real life, it is not that simple. Space and time are filled with a long series of different things, ranging from education, work, career, family and ending with various Hobbies, as well as concepts such as duties and debts. As a result, the main biological purpose - the birth of a child, is often lost among other goals, especially if you are unlucky with the family or the family was not built intentionally.
The fact is that having a baby has now become an optional life option. This means that You, as the master of your life, are free to decide whether to put this goal in the foreground or to put it in the range of other areas of life through which you may pass, or you may not pass (you can't go through everything anyway). You choose the list in which you put the necessary priorities. Someone may believe that "let others give birth, and I am an expert on the other part" and this is his (her) right.

The chosen goal only makes sense when you are imbued with it and ready to surrender to it completely. Otherwise, it is better not to start.

If you have realized that it's time for a "child - to be!", it is better not to take it as a solution to the lack of children problem, because this way you may turn everything in your life into a problem and life then turns out to be a large set of problems. You better take it as entering some new sphere of life in which, as elsewhere, success and failure are variable, but in which you can realize yourself in a new experience.

This resource will be your assist through this; it brought to one platform those who have a main goal of bringing their own child to life, which didn't have the chance to be born without help. People are not all the same here. For example, the next prospects may vary: some people prefer co-parenting, some others needs only donor material, and third other people prefer the classic marriage. But in all cases, the central position is occupied with the birth of a child.

Search on the site is only part of the way, a lot depends on you, a lot depends on the circumstances outside the site. It may happen that the ultimate goal will not be achieved at all. No wonder - goals are not always achieved in other fields of life, but this does not mean that people do not have to go through those fields. As they say, water will not flow under a lying stone. At least you will know you have done all you can.

Feel your whole soul in what you want to get, and one day, perhaps, there will come the moment when fate will make you a gift!

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